Author Topic: does Guru test his devotees this much?  (Read 3155 times)


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does Guru test his devotees this much?
« on: March 29, 2011, 10:15:35 PM »
Jai Sai Master!
          Dear Saibandhus,
             Recently I went to an aashram where I met a pujari who performs dhuni puja.  In our conversation, he told that he had met Master ji twice and he sat near Master  and he gave coffee to Masterji.  Master garu blessed him and gave him Saileelamrutham/ Guru charitra ( i dont remember which one) with blessings written in that.  Later he gave that book to some one else and that person took away the book and this man lost the book. He bought a new book and he had done thousands of parayanas. He told that in two places where he sat and done parayanas Baba temples were built. 

                       His complaint was that, his life did not change. His family left him since his earning was very less. He told that this happened 14 years back. He told that his daughter was doing her M.B.B.S ( or something else) and he could not help a pie to her. He said that he is getting doubt on Guru charitra parayana.
                         I tried to convince him that if a formula gives answer to 99 students, then it will work for the 100th student also. I doubted whether it may be due to his past karma but he was not ready to agree. Does Guru test us this much? 


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Re: does Guru test his devotees this much?
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2011, 11:23:43 PM »
Jai Sai Master!

Firstly, its not Guru testing Him and its not a doubt about Gurucharitra. Its a human failure. Not entirely the pujaris (his part might just be his past karma), but the human failure is that of society. That man could not get help from another man!! And that too, being a pujari (one who is serving God)!!

In this day and age, one is so 'faithful' towards a few green pieces of paper, where as one cannot even trust a fellow human to help him out!! This is the state that caused him pain. Its a failure of society. And to improve it, solution is Gurucharitra and Sai Charitra, and other Master's books and other Mahatmas teachings. Thats the only solution. Try and tell him that, and try to help him out, sooth his wounds, and tell him to spread the greatness of Gurucharitra and Sai Charitra. Tell him that such punya might change his life for the better.

Jai Sai Master!!