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Title: Depression- Baba, please help my friend
Post by: saikiran on October 19, 2013, 12:54:48 AM
I have a friend. She cries for almost everything. She gets hurt for very small issues and get upset for very small problems. She lives away from her family. She had few friends who always supported her and took her side whenever she cried. She is physically also weak and they used to take care of her whenever her health was not good also. They all knew crying like that and getting depressed very often is not good for her in future. But they were scared she will get more upset if they let her know. So no one told her. She always feels lonely and she gets scary dreams almost once in 4 months, that she is alone in this whole world and that world is empty. Whenever she gets such dreams, she used to tell to her friends and they used to assure her they are with them. Now few of her friends left her and remaining friends got tired of taking care of her and finally told her off that she is a "depression case" and that they can't take care of her anymore and that she should start living alone. She is very very pure-hearted. She never thinks of other's bad. She is devotee of saibaba. All her family in India also believes in baba . All her friends also trust baba, but they wanted to let her know of her mental condition, so they let her know. She is unable to accept this. She has gone into more depression after listening to this. Though she is doing baba parayana, and singing baba harati daily, she is feeling like she is a "depression case" and has no right to live because she cannot keep any1 happy. I am not near her to take care of her in this situation. But I am daily praying baba to make her more strong so that she can concentrate on her studies. But, she is still missing all her friends and she is thinking about them only and she is getting suicidal thoughts. Baba...Please tell some solution to her problem. I am so worried about her and I am not able to do anything other than praying for her.
Title: Re: Depression- Baba, please help my friend
Post by: bkdileep on October 19, 2013, 09:04:42 PM
That is very appreciable that you are concered genuinely about a friend. Prayer is best help you can give. Apart from that it is also suggested to take her to a counsellor or pyschiatrist
Title: Re: Depression- Baba, please help my friend
Post by: Dwarakanath on October 19, 2013, 09:51:56 PM
Jai Sai Master!

It is also one of the classic cases in homeopathy. Please do suggest her to consult a homeopath. It is also evident that she is not having much of a goal to look forward to in life. Talk to her about it, and tell her to read Swami Vivekananda speeches 'from colombo to almora'.

Jai Sai Master!!
Title: Re: Depression- Baba, please help my friend
Post by: saikiran on December 08, 2013, 02:36:30 PM

Jai sai master

Thank you babu garu .I tried explaining her very much.It is no that this girl doesnt know baba.We used to have lot of satsang about baba and she trust baba a lot.Even now when she cries she holds baba statue and cry aloud for baba to help.

I know for sure that baba is seeing it and i know it is some how for her own good.Of all ,Sri sai is the one and only true friend.I am not able to explain her,i am not able to convince her that it is just the sanskras that baba is removing for her to merge into baba's feet.I trust baba and his leelas has proved that there is no way that we cannot get his bleesings..Just for a sake of a kid baba burnt his hand anta prema mana medha sai ki.Alantidi i know baba is preparing some thing best for her.

She went to counsellor and she has been doing as many things as she can,but just not able to get back to normal.She is not able to come out of that feeling that world is big and people around her are so intelligent.She thinks she is still a child and cannot do her work.

I dont ask baba to stop it as i know that baba is removing her bad karma for longer fruitfull life but what i worry is why i am not even able to explain and convince that a true lover is with her in the form of baba.

I am a common person, but with the amount of blessings from baba and master garu we must pray for others and b patient for them to change.But what if i am also changed?.I am not sayin this because i am afraid of some things.I am afraid she should never ever loose her faith on baba.When faith is at stake ,i dont know what to do.This never happened in my life dwarakanath garu.

Baba satsang kosam full prayers cheste ,naku dorkina vallalo chala ante chala baba medha namakam unna person this girl,I am wondered why baba is doing this!!!.

I am not a big person like you all,I saw very little of the life .May be not..
Please sai bandhus ,i dont want to like a mamdi pinde which would fall in between.I want true prayers from my heart and I know baba is hearing me right now.

after praying my heart out to master garu i want one thing..I need faith on baba like never ever.i need power to fight with the bad sanskras of her,and i need you baba ..Please!!!!need all your prayers sai bandhus

Ammagaru daya chupandi,,omsairam

Jai sai master
Title: Re: Depression- Baba, please help my friend
Post by: bkdileep on December 14, 2013, 01:16:30 PM
It is appreciated that you are concerned about your friend. But remember that you can not change her destiny. It is a fact. In Fact no one can. But you can try (may be this is a part of her destiny that you try to make things better) But my point is do not take the result (either positive or negative) onto you. As Gita or as Baba says you are not responsible for the results. Mean good in your mind and with trust in Baba do your duty.