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Hearts Out / Unanswered Questions
« on: March 27, 2007, 03:33:50 AM »
Hi, there are some questions that I couldn't find answer to ANYWHERE. I am tired of searching, so, I am here, please help me out.

1. What is more important, survival or nonviolence? If nonviolence is more imp., then why was there mahabharat? Meditation is the only true happiness, then why did the pandav cared about the raj, why didn't they just prayed god for the rest of their life?(If you are not Hindu, you won't get this)

2. Since everyone's actions are influenced by their surroundings and thier genetics, is there anything we can really do? Aren't we all just a reaction, do we actually have any freedom? Is meditation the only way to achieve it?

3. I believe god is infinity, god is the asymptote that a radical equation trying to reach. But, is there something beyond the asymptote? If god is infinity, is there something beyond infinity? They say perfectionism can never be achieved, is this true for god too? As in our tales, some people have become more powerful than god.

4. Women always have the worst deal, why? I am a guy but I feel sorry for them.

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