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Master Ekkirala Bharadwaja / Re: Audio book of Sri Sai Leelamrutam
« on: April 23, 2015, 10:01:23 AM »
Jai SaiMaster,

That was exactly on my mind, sometime ago.
I try and distribute Sai Leelamrutham copies whenever I can, to whosoever show some interest/respect...

In  January, I went to the house of a friend, and was talking to his mother.
Mentioning the usual problems of life, she was a bit downcast.I briefly mentioned about 'Parayana' and how it helps etc; that caught her attention !
Then I found out that she is illiterate and I was sorry that there is no immediate solution I could offer to her.

In another instance, when I tried introducing Sai Leelamrutham to a US based gentleman whose mother tongue is Telugu, I found out that he couldn't read but only can speak Telugu..

The idea of recording apart (which needs permission from Babu garu/Manga Bharadwaja Trust, due to copyright) I tried a portion of my daily Parayana reading out aloud...
As Dileep garu says; the pre-requisite is definitely a voice with clear diction in Telugu.
In addition this should be recorded by a person who is familiar with the 'grantham'; and doing regular 'parayana'.
Rather than an amateur recording, if it can be done as a professional recording project ; it will be helpful/lasting.

Same feeling about Sri Guru Charitra...

Just wanted to share my views & discuss the feasibility/concerns.

Jai SaiMaster.

Master Ekkirala Bharadwaja / Re: A gift from saimasterforums_team
« on: January 23, 2015, 02:54:01 PM »
Jai SaiMaster.

Dear Admin.
Can you upload these files again?


Saimaster Books / Re: "Bhagavan Sri Bharadwaja" now online!!
« on: January 07, 2015, 05:31:58 PM »
Jai SaiMaster to all Guru Bandhus,

I was looking and searching for the online version on ' Sri Bhagwan Bharadwaja'. But not able to find.
It seems out of print as well, as per my check with Trust book store at Nagole.

Does anyone have any copies to spare or an online .pdf version to share ?


General Discussion / A lay man's question
« on: April 04, 2013, 06:43:26 AM »
Hello Dwarakanath garu,

I have read some of Sai Master's books and with a layman's mind could see that he knew what he was writing. The logic & conviction is all there for us to see & for a devotee to get hooked on to; if he has the right frame of mind.

As I said, like a common man - my mind monkey dances between belief & disbelief, and of late the below has been a haunting question.

I have read Sai Master has given succor to many a person in distress, in his lifetime.
You might have read about the ghastly rape of the young woman in Delhi recently. Had the mother of that girl come to Sai Master, what would he have told her?
My intent is not to put a hypothetical question or a teaser here. There are so many ghastly crimes, unlawful activities, scams happening all over us.
For a victim of any of them or a by-stander like me, does any amount of teaching mean anything?
What should be the right approach and througt process to de-construct all such ghastly events and put them in perspective?

Sometimes, seeing some of these crimes - as a layman I feel - 'Has God forsaken us to our fate'?

Kindly help me find an answer

Best Regards

Master Ekkirala Bharadwaja / Re: A gift from saimasterforums_team
« on: August 06, 2012, 07:35:43 AM »
Hi Team,

I am also not able to open the link, can somebody help?

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