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General Discussion / The madness of domination of identity
« on: October 14, 2013, 11:50:23 PM »
jai saimaster!

I've something very important to discuss about, but unfortunately this is considered as a sensitive topic. If this is inappropriate, please delete this.

Can there ever be a mutual respect between a hindu and a muslim? or a muslim and a christian? Let us take this as an ongoing problem and by that I mean not to take idealistic views and tell the answer.

On the face of it islam does not believe in idol worship which is not wrong in hinduism. Quite frankly, most of the christians think only their god is right. History tells that there were attacks on hindu scriptres, temples by the islam emperors mainly on the basis of religion. And few christian missionaries are on a mission to convert indians and others to christians before the second coming of their god.

1) I know it's a problem with people but not with religion, but of what use is religion if we are anyway not going to use it properly?
2) Are there really fundamental differences between hinduism/islam/christianity?
3) Is India being targeted by few non-hindus?

Don't mistake me with the third question. I would have asked this question even if I were American. I was born in India and broughtup here. I'm very much satisfied with this place and people. No complaints. I do have complaints on those whose intent is to convert India. I hate their thought of 'increasing their strength (population)' and their madness in executing it.

What do you all think about this?

jai saimaster!

General Discussion / Few questions
« on: September 24, 2012, 12:11:49 PM »
jai saimaster!

In order not to disturb the original thread, the discussions from the thread 'Jai sai master' are being put here.

I wonder why we think everything happened only for us? I have a doubt if it really is the case. But at the same time, I'm not saying it is not. Why don't we think that life formed according to the situations in the universe? Mana kosam manchi neeru vachinda, leka pote manchi neeti ki saripoyetattu life form ayyinda?

One more question: If I, in my own imagination, create a person and then imagine that he goes through lot of troubles and then later imagine that I go around and resolve his troubles, then am I all merciful one? I'm the creator allright, but am I merciful?

Jai Sai Master!

Excellent questions. Usually we see this in atheists' list of top questions.

The first one is, "Did everything happen only for us?" The plain answer is, usually to atheists, "lets think not! Does that make a difference?"
But the more deeper answer is,
Yes in one way, no in another. Yes, when we see the whole of nature as it is, a web of life. No, when we see everything as independent and seperate. This whole notion of 'God created everything for us' is not a statement of a fact but it is an attitude. It is a way to look at the universe, the creation. Looking at it properly in that way, does help in setting up a purpose for one's life. Every thing, to speak closer to truth that I can see, happens for everything else, happens along with everything else and this realization is the first sprouting of love and respect for it all. The same statement, as I said, implies two attitudes. One attitude is that of respect, responsibility and purpose. Another attitude is that of selfishness. Here, Gita solves the question simply by telling us that the right attitude is one of Sattwa, the former, and the latter is a manifestation of rajas and tamas, and hence leads to downfall.
This could be elaborated a lot more, dwelled upon a lot more with questions like "who is 'us' for whom it is made or not made?" or "what is it all that is made for us and for what purpose?" etc.. But in the end, it leads to two simple facts. One, it is all Truth. Two, we are unable to see that truth. And we come back to square one.

The second question :
This is a similar question to "Is Baba everything including me? Then who is saving whome?" It goes across levels of truth. When Truth is seen as every thing, creation is its nature, its trait, its own 'will', and all is It and It is all. Hence, no question of 'mercy'. (If I imagine a guy in troubles and I imagine myself saving him, that 'savior' is an expression of mercy in me, is it not? otherwise I could imagine torturing him more.. :D  ).
 But when it is seen from our perspective, where everyday reality tells us that we are seperate, dependent and fragile, yes He is merciful. The idea is to start at the practical level (since there is no other starting point) and end up at the ultimate Truth where we are He.

It is clearly mentioned in our scriptures that the sun and moon we see are but one manifestation of the sun principle, the Aaditya. It is like the word 'leaf'.. it refers to the 'concept' of a leaf, but also to each leaf. Thus, sun and moon are not the 'balls of dust', but the principles behind their existence. The way creation happened, for instance, is given very differently in our scriptures like Bhagavatam ad Bhavishya puranam. In one of the first steps, the principles of seeing, hearing, tasting, touching and smelling occur and then the objects for such are created. And later on come the sun and moon. Without seeing, can there be a 'sun' for humanity? or for any other creature or consciousness? This is being probed, although rudimentarily, by 'bio-centrism' of Robert Lanza, in terms of physics. Thus, the fact that sun is there in space is a fact only because we can all see. And this seeing involves, for instance, differentiation between the dust ball, or fire ball, and the space around it. Hence, differentiation capability must have come first for us to see the sun.. and it goes on like that.
Now, we call all objects that flow, that are color-less, odour-less, transparent, and taste in a particular way as 'water'. Is there any other 'water'? Similarly, what we call 'sun' is a collection of such attributes. Without taking into account all those attributes, and their relations and their causes, one cannot find the 'sun'!! Thus, thinking about 'sun' or 'moon' or 'earth' without relevant attributes simply is absurd. Modern science does take certain attributes into consideration such as 'mass', 'size', etc., which are based on subjective sensory perception, and tries to define 'sun' in that way. In that definition itself lies the limit in what can be understood about that 'object' and its relation to the rest. And such limited sense only gives us the idea of a 'global shaped object that is hot, of that size, at that distance, etc.' But ignoring, for instance, the premium fact that we are eating every day the energy from the sun captured by plants and that the sun is not  a 'ball' but a continuous flow, and that such a flow has a particular set of patterns and relationship with us and everything around us, simply makes it incomplete. What we call 'sun' 8 and half minutes ago, part of it is here on earth right now. Thus, what is sun? It is both that sphere and also that which is the source of what is here (the energy from the sun, weird set of words btw) 8 and half minutes later, and which is locked up into various forms and flows from one form to the other and so on.. Thus, Sun is the Father and Earth is the mother, the astrology says, since without that 'semen', the energy flow, from the sun, the earth cannot and does not produce us.
Thinking like this, carefully and with caution, explains to us that Sun is the flow principle of life, the principle behind our sensory nervous system, the inherent nature of sulphur and gold to react with our psyche and subtle physiology in a particular way, etc.
All that thought is scientific though, and does not lead one towards 'freedom' unless it is taken 'seriously' as a 'sadhana' to see the truth. The way of doing this, by studying the Sun, is called 'Surya Siddhanta'. The division of the light ray into colors, although attributed to newton, is mentioned every where in the scriptures.. "Saptaswa", He is called, for instance, in the Vedas. And that is a wonderful study if one can take it up. I am looking for a competent practitioner of 'Surya siddhanta' (and also for followers who are interested in taking it up) to learn it and to preserve it, especially in the face of the onslaught of stupidity in the form of western education.

Jai Sai Master!!

jai saimaster!

Request for prayers / Request blessings from Ammagaru..
« on: June 01, 2012, 12:02:34 AM »
jai saimaster!

Amma garu, Request you to help me with my health so that I can move forward in my spiritual quest. My heart is pounding more than normal. When I feel healthy enough, I would pay my visit to you.

jai saimaster!

Hearts Out / Ramana...who are you?
« on: May 28, 2012, 01:49:50 PM »
jai saimaster!

Firstly, I apologize to all of you whom I might have hurted. Disturbances in my life has changed my outlook towards life. In the process, I developed a kind of disrespect towards people. Not sure if it is disrespect but surely I made people around me feel so. I definitely gained something out of the handle things on my think through things. Out of that came a kind of hatred towards people who 'pray' to god or baba or master or guru. Mainly because they treat god as something seperate from them. May be that was correct in one sense, but it was not a bad thing and in most cases the only thing to do. Would you all forgive me if I had hurted you?

As I understand, it is very difficult to understand the truth on own. I would like to beg help from Ramana maharshi. I request him to teach me. Ramana maharshi, who are you? You say atma. Is that consciousness? The nameless and the formless? why are you not afraid of death? I'm afraid of death. Is it because I dont know for sure what kind of thing I am? I am the consciousness. But that consciousness is 'pulled' into protecting the body when there are pains. It is the mechanism that keeps the body lively. But when facing death (painful) or known pain (that I know for sure that it is going to bother me physically) how could you stay untouched? I will dedicate my time to you. Please teach me, the Ramana in me. 'I' am Ramana. But I (the second I that is the result of moving away) am moving away from it all the time. As I read the books, they say the Ramana in me is not just the same kind of thing as Ramana, but Ramana itself. 'I' dont feel so. Teach me how that is so.

jai saimaster!

General Discussion / Identity crisis
« on: April 06, 2012, 07:41:11 PM »
jai saimaster!

We heard all great thinkers talk about ego. Ramana Maharshi talks about atman. He says find out who you are and you will understand what you are searching for. They all say that all problems are because of ego or maya.

who are we then? body? mind? consciousness? Atman? Ego? Image? Ramana maharshi particularly says: you are too attached to the body or you think you are the body. Bhagavadgita talks on the same lines. what is all this about?

jai saimaster!

General Discussion / Night sky, march 2012
« on: March 14, 2012, 10:52:20 PM »
jai saimaster!

Venus and Jupiter appear very close to each other and distinctly visible in the sky this month. Anyone noticed?

jai saimaster!

General Discussion / Learning
« on: January 27, 2012, 08:06:44 PM »
jai saimaster!

I'm copy pasting the content from 'Limits for forgiveness' post from where we decided to start learning.

Now that we want to learn, brundagaru, lets start.

First we need to consider this :

and then these three :

The first things we need to concern ourselves with are :
Uttama Saanghika Vyaktigata jeevanam


a) The nature and value of the goal
b) The way to reach it (and to train ourselves accordingly)
c) To follow it and to improve the best and overcome the worst that are obstructions to the goal.

Now, the question starts :
What is life. I am not talking about biological life, I am talking about living. What do we mean by living? And what is 'correct living'?
Its easy to answer 'bookish'ly. Saying it should be in the service of the lord, etc. But then the question comes, what is service and what is God/Baba/Lord?
If we honestly answer it, there are several things we understand that we dont understand. I do not want to put words into your posts, but just want to point out that it gets to the point akin to what Buddha told as 'The eight fold path'.

Anyways, those are the things we need to think about first.

You may ask, why to think of all those when I have Baba?
My answer would be, "To understand better what Baba taught, and to follow properly".

Jai Sai Master!!

Shall we restart and continue here?

jai saimaster!

Hearts Out / OLD -- what do we want?
« on: January 24, 2012, 10:48:35 PM »
jai saimaster!

What do we want from our lives? What do I, as a human being want at all!!? And I'm not just one person. We all have to live together on this earth; from this point of view also, what do we want from each other. Can we search the answer within our own mind? Because I have to know my problem and where else do i search for it?

But before we start thinking on these lines, one more question. Is this important for us think about? Are we seeing a need to resolve all our problems and hence think about this?

Let us discuss!

jai saimaster!

General Discussion / What would you do?
« on: August 24, 2011, 06:31:53 PM »
jai saimaster!

Honestly, what would we do if there were no god at all. No master, No baba. None to save us.
How would we approach the life? You've got your entire life to live. What would you do with it?
or what would you do if one fine day Baba comes to you and says: Do whatever you want, I'm not going to help you. Live on your own.

It is not a question of "I can't think about it or Its not possible to be that way" but rather given the situation, what would you do?
We need to answer this question not for your sake or for my sake but for the sake of a human life and because this is our question.
Please ignore if you think this is not important.

jai saimaster!

General Discussion / Staying healthy
« on: July 11, 2011, 05:17:42 PM »
jai saimaster!

Dear all,
What is the best way to stay healthy for long?
How can we make best use of the body and have less of spending time in diseases?
Whatever is inevitable is inevitable. But to the best extent we know, how can we make sure that the body stays healthy?

One thing I know for sure is not to stuff food into the body and not to let too much dust into the lungs etc.
But I'm thinking more on the right usage of body to re-energize the body so that body stays healthy as long as one lives.
Given the fact that I/we don't have a guru to instruct on pranayama or various types of yoga, how do we use pranayama or yoga?
Any help is appreciated. :)


jai saimaster!

Hearts Out / The shout
« on: August 02, 2010, 12:23:28 PM »
Life lives. The thing that makes a living thing a 'living' thing is its capacity to 'know'. To be aware. It has consciousness. Humans are  capable of being the most intelligent living beings.

I don't know how this universe was created, but one day, life came into being on the earth. Humans, now, are capable of being the most intelligent form of life. But the intelligence did not come in a day. The life in the early human species has transformed itself slowly and carefully into what it is capable of now. Initial human specie was not capable of many things. The thing that they first learnt and remembered has caused a change in their very 'being'. In their 'consciousness'; which is the life itself. It is slowly passed onto the next version of human specie. The same life has been modifying itself. The way the consciousness uses itself in a human being matters. The strong rememberances, strong habits the consciousness develops gets passed on. The life in me now is as old as the life that initially came into existence. No wonder someone says that he is few lakh years old.

Because we all are human beings now, claimed to be the most intelligent form of life, it is our duty to look at where we are taking the human consciousness with our thoughts, habits, memory. If I ask someone a question, it is as good as you asking yourself. or me asking myself.

Now, if someone talks from the feel of being that life, what is our responsibility. Do we have any responsibility towards each other? Whatever we are doing now, why are we doing?

Why do we marry? What does marriage mean to us? Why is one worried that one may not get married or that one is getting old for marriage? Since many years, it has become a trend that one should marry. Same thing is carried into our consciousness. That person is something to me now and all of a sudden, he/she is more important to us than others after marriage. Is marriage all about making someone 'special'? Does it have any importance in the betterment of humankind? For what reason do we make the marriage a very very special occassion in our lives? What speciality does a person have? Or is it an arrangement made where 2 people work together, helping together for the betterment of humanity? We live in a world where we are brought up seeing the TV, movies which has made the mind a slave to sexual desire. One becomes youth having all the fantasies. Ones marriage is not only a sense of becoming good but also the fulfilment of all the desire that is buit up till that day. All that force is applied on each other. Since the sexual desire, and need for someone has become so important, that person has become so important. That person is special to you. But for others that person might not be special. Your desire, your thoughts, your comfort is what making that person special. That is why it hurts if that person gives more importance to others than to you.

Why are we possesssive? Why do I own someone? I will not agree if you say you don't own anyone. What is the reason that we reproduce? Do we do that in the process of providing a better next generation? Then why do we think we own them? If at all you are concerned about the humanity, the better next generation, then why does it bother someone if they don't have children. Why do we want our children to be an IAS officer or an engineer or doctor? Why are we not bothered about that child having the right mind? The parents think they have ownership on their children. Unfortunately, the child is also a human being, the living thing. After he grows up he says I want to marry so and so lower caste, other religion person. The parents, who have been thinking all these days that its their child, and that they have to listen to them says: we have brought you up with lot of hopes, lot of dreams and with lot of patience and troubles and now you say you don't want to listen to us. 'Hope' is something in the parent's mind. It is the parent's thought, feel, ownership. The child is not important. Their hope is important. Their thoughts are important to them. Out of the feel, ownership they have towards their child for so many years, they say, he is not my child any more as he is not listening to me. I wonder When they have owned them?
Someone says: Nakantoo oka wife, pillalu undali kada? That statement itself says what has become more important.

There are few people who oppose todays caste system. They feel that all people should be treated equally. If categorizing people is a problem, then why on earth do they want to divide people as special, more special, my own people in the name of relations?
Why is that not a problem?

Just wanted to SHOUT OUT LOUD at myself, and hence at everyone...

Forums & updates / Problems with website?
« on: July 07, 2010, 08:03:32 AM »
jai saimaster!

Is anyone facing issues with the website? I sometimes see 'Internal server error'.
Also, I don't see an option to delete my post. I remember using it before.

Dear admin, this is not a serious problem presently. Please have a look at it when time permits.

Thanks in advance!

jai saimaster!

Hearts Out / Conditioning and communication
« on: February 22, 2010, 10:18:37 PM »
Sai garu, I will put it this way.

One who is in problems might not even know the term 'conditioning'. But he could have that quality of mind, where he says: "Ok, my life has been full of problems and now I will deeply investigate what is going wrong". Upon having an insight, he will realize that his mind was accustomed to 'certain pattern of thinking'. Knowing that profoundly, he is out of conditioning without even naming that he is conditioned or un-conditioned.
or some one can point it out for me. My friend can say to me that my mind is following a pattern or has got stuck in certain way of thinking, then I can have a look at it. I'm not accepting what he said, but trying to find out for myself if that is true.

So to answer what you asked, one cannot say in advance that being unconditioned solves the problem, unless atleast once he has found it out by himself.
I hope I made myself clear.

General Discussion / Knowing truth and changing accordingly
« on: December 03, 2009, 06:13:46 PM »
This thread was initiated in the thread: Pillala pempakam - Upbringing the next generation.

Starting it here so that the original thread is not deviated.

1) This question, i had in my mind since really long. Can I understand what master says, if I have any feeling for or against him? When I look at the teachings of a master, before I read a sentence, I already accepted in to be true. Rather than asking 'is it true' i ask 'how is it true', blocking certain view of the matter in question. Is it possible for any one to not get carried away by the images we create of any one while reading their teachings?
Yes or No. But how? I think this question is important because, all through this thread we have been referring to the teachings of Master. or do you think it is not important?
2) Looks like there is a need for change in every individual in order that Kids are raised properly for a better generation. Is this change something that can be brought about by practice or by force or by discipline? The same 'me' who wanted to watch movies and do all stupid stuff, wants to change now. Can I force myself not to watch movies and then get rid of it so that I can ask my kids not to watch movies? IMO, by forcing I am trying to escape from it. Definitely, it should not be forcing.

IMHO, I cannot go forward unless the above things are clear. If any one reading this thread has already taken a decision to change, I would like to know why. Is it the love towards Dwarakanath garu, that he is taking so much pain to explain things to us or have you felt the utter need to change? If it is the later, i would like to know how it is. Because sometimes, I felt that the need for change in me is genuine, but later, I felt that it's ok, let me first do my own things and then think about changing.

jai sai master!

General Discussion / Fire, zeal, quest...
« on: August 30, 2009, 04:12:24 PM »
Jai Sai Master!

Fear is a part of 'us', almost. Thats alright.  But our interest in spirituality gets limited to pacifying fear, its but another escape route. It stops being spirituality. It becomes a band-aid solution.
But, why else should one do this??
Thats a wonderful question and begs discussion. Can you start a new thread? I have internet, so, alternate days, if not  everyday, i would be posting in any discussion!! And this seems like a good discussion that we need to have. So, lets do it!!
Regarding the fire, the zeal, it comes when one stops looking at his own life and time as just a bane, as just something to fill with some other things which are pleasurable. Baba said "pidakalu erukovataniki" and that fits the bill. One has to think about life in a grander sense, a more appropriate sense. I suggest you read Vivekananda speeches "From colombo to Almora".

babu garu,
My question is not about "If not for fear, why should anyone believe in God?". Sorry I did not convey proper message in the previous thread. My question is about the Fire in me.

Fear of losing something or some kind of fear always keeps me awake; awake in the sense the feeling that the way out of troubles is parayana, believing in God.

I got a feeling that starting in believing in God due to fear is still ok but continuing in it forever is not OK. Then I thought may be i should try reading books like edi nijam and understand the nature of God. In doing so, there are few hindrances for me:

1) After I read and understand the truth about God, would it really help me? May be yes, it gives me the confidence that what I'm believing in is true. I might understand it well and give a good logical explanation to myself and others. But what about experience? I feel that knowing and experiencing are not the same. If someone tells me about a person that he is great or something, then I come to know about that person. When I personally meet that person and see what he does. I will realize that "Yes, this person is truly a great man". I have a feeling that there is a moment where I actually realize, "Oh, this thing i'm experiencing now is same as the one told in edi nijam!!". And the reason y i have this feeling might be because of the following quote from "The Tao of Physics".
It says that there are two things as part of our mind. Intutive and rational.
We all are familiar with a situation where we have forgotten the name of a person, place etc, and cannot produce it inspite of concentrating a lot. we have it 'on the tip of our tongue' but it just will not come out, until we give up and shift our attention to something else and suddenly, in a flash, we remember the forgotten name. And this happens without putting in any efforts. In some religions, they say that this is how we get the enlightment. This is relevant to Buddhuism which says that our original nature is that of enlightened Buddha and that we have just forgotten it.

When does that moment come? what do i do till then.

2) Today i'm in good mood. I read all good books and try to understand the nature of God. Tomorrow? I might face a difficult situation. And that is it. My thinking revolves around 'how and what to do now' abt the difficulty I've. Even if there is no difficulty in my life, does the 'good mood' always stay? Due to my previous karma phala and due to being habituated, my natural inclination is towards doing those things (movies, parties) that would put me out of track. There must be a real strong reason to keep me away from me 'natural tendencies'. The reason should be so strong that everyday when i wake up, the first question should be who am I or what is God. I think 'm talking about vairagya (and look who's talking about vairagya :D). I'm getting a feeling that until this happens, things are not going to work.

When does that moment come? what do i do till then.

In some homes, even talking about things related to vairagya is also prohibited! One of my friend's parents think that if one talks about vairagya, it means that that person is escaping from fulfilling family responsibilities. According to them, fulfilling responsibilities also include marrying someone who they like and leading a life in the way which they think is good.

jai sai master!

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