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Request for prayers / Baba Blessings
« on: December 07, 2015, 01:58:42 PM »
Om Sree Sai Ram..

With My family I went to Shirdi and we had a great darshan of SaiBaba.
Almost I cried when I saw Baba in samadhi mandir. Kind of emotion came out when I see Baba.
I really felt very happy and peace. I told Baba that Before Karthika Masam I should change my Job for my family bright future .
For this I told him I will start Sai Satcharitra Saptaham Parayana and also I will Coffee untill my next darshan of Baba in Shirdi.
We came from Shirdi and started Parayana and I left coffee from shirdi itself. Meanwhile I am attending the interviews, For one company I have selected my first round and this is really by grace of Baba only, so with that hope I went for 2nd round. But I have not selected which really disappoints me.
I cried and shouted on Baba of not selecting me in that company. but I have not stopped my parayana and started 2nd saptaham as well.
I really got anger on baba (like how we show our on our beloved ones) attended another telephonic interview , but I only felt that I will not select this round.. when I took chittis infront of baba he also told me with the answer ''Raadu''. this time my anger increased. This was happened on wednessday. My 2nd saptaham completed. From thursday I started 3rd saptaham and on saturday I atteneded my inteview. On friday itself I took chitti infront of Baba this time Baba told me his answer as " Vastundi".  Yes he will not say lies.. On saturday I selected the interview and that is  good company as well. Almost I cried and say lots of thanks to my Baba.. Baba is with me he proved that..HR told me that I will get an offer letter in 2 days but I have been waiting from one week but I dint get any email from them. I know that Baba  will not loose his words, still Im conitnuing SaiSatcharitra Parayana 4th saptaham. And waiting for the call from HR.
Baba I know nuvvu tappakunda ne words nilabettukuntav.. I will not attend any more interviews .. will wait for this company only since this is your order and your blessing .

Maata please pray to baba on behalf of me that please pour his blessings on me and my family and please ask him to not leave me in any kind of situations and also I should always keep my heart ,mind and soul on Baba only.. to do like this I need Baba blessings.

And  also I am reading Sri Gurucharitra daily one chapter parayanam ,in the meantime on sunday I had dattadarshanam and baba darshanam in my dreams.. I felt really happy..

I m waiting for my joining date and offer letter from HR, baba. I know you will do it. Please dnt disappoint me.


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