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Master Ekkirala Bharadwaja / Audio book of Sri Sai Leelamrutam
« on: April 22, 2015, 12:01:48 PM »
Sai Ram
Recently I observed that the Shirdi Sai Sansthan website has the audio book of Sri Sai Satcharitra. I found that useful to listen during break time at work. I think it might be good for people who might not have sufficient time for parayana. I felt it might be nice if we have audio version of Sri Sai Leelamrutam too. Some one whose pronunciation is clear can record it. This will help lot of devotees I feel. Please share your opinion

General Discussion / Homeopathy Medicines
« on: January 13, 2015, 03:53:41 PM »
Sai Ram
I came to know that Master EB and Master EK recommends Homeopathy. ( correct me if wrong)
I also found that Master EK himself was a great doctor and suggests Homeopathy.
I want to start using it for any kind of illness. I know for sure my family would not accept this switch but I  want to try it out myself.
I really do not know how Homeopathy works. Like,does it too have clinics and hospitals like all English medicines?
Does any one know a good doctor whom I can approach and stays in Hyderabad. From Master's words I can reckon that Homeopathy is far better than English medicine. I want to spread this to my friends and colleagues.
Please let me know if this is not an appropriate question to ask in this forum.

Master Ekkirala Bharadwaja / Advice needed
« on: December 02, 2014, 11:13:56 AM »
Well, I summarize it this way: I got married 1.5 years ago. My wife is also working. I have two unmarried sisters. I am living with my parents, sister and wife. The house is not convenient for 6 members. Things were fine but I do not know how to balance wife and family. So my wife took most of the stress. I used to behave with her rather rudely at times when she became stubborn. Things broke out in this March and my wife's mother was upset because of this. She approached my relatives and complicated our problem.
Our parents/sisters never had any idea what was going on and were shocked to know what happened suddenly.
Well, me and wife stayed separately for almost a month and rejoined in the same combined family. Before coming she strongly insisted on separate family. My parents and sisters  hated her for that. Later she told me that she want to continue in the same family and said it was not fair on her part to separate. But the image of the disturbance did not go out of my parents and sisters mind. My sisters really stopped talking to her and even if they talk they do not make any eye contact. They stopped talking to me. My parents were in 50-50 state. I want to search good matches for my sisters and get them married. But in this environment it seems impossible.
Last week, an argument broke between my sister and my wife and it worsened the things. My family is spending entire time in the day reciting the allegations on my wife and constructing new allegations. I do not know what to do. My biggest fear is - this might break my wife down and she might start hating the family. Till now, she asks me to find good matches for my sisters ASAP so that their insecurities will be gone and we can stay with parents together. But after the recent brawl, we both got an idea:

I am going to drop her at her mother's for couple of months at least and tell at home that she got transferred to Bangalore (she is working).
And I am thinking my family members may cool down during this time (Don't know - can't help if they spend this time by recollecting, reinterpreting what she said). I am thinking, by sticking together I will make situations even worse. Apart from this only other alternative is to start a separate family (which I do not want to), but that might complicate the things further.
I do not know which one is complicated. But both my wife and me agreed with the proposal that I keep her at her mothers and pretend that she is working in Bangalore.

(In this entire thing, if I retrospect I see most of the faults from my side. I was not able to grasp what my wife wants. This caused a big rift in family)
Please advice if you can. It has been very long since I slept peacefully.
1. Am I complicating things by enacting this?
2. Should I have come separated? (But my father is not earning, nor is he kind of person who can get my sisters married)
3. Should I continue in the same house with the hope that things will get better by themselves?

General Discussion / doubt in Sri Sai Leelamrtam
« on: July 21, 2014, 10:49:21 PM »
Jai Sai Ram,
Master gariki paadabhivandanam,
While reading Sri Sai leelamrtam and in adhyaayam Shirdilo ni utsavaalu, there is mention of Lendi yaatra. I was able to relate till the portion Baba goes to Gurusthan. Since then I am not able to relate with current Shirdi. There was mention of Vithal Mandir, Kanifram mandir, and few houses and lendi vaagu and then it mentions Nanda deepam. Even if we assume those houses were once present, as per the description given, it seems the distance from gurusthan to nandadeepam is far. But it is not that far. Also it mentions that Khandoba mandir is visible from that place... Can some one help me picturize lendi yatra...

Sai Ram

Master Ekkirala Bharadwaja / Sai Master Smrutulu
« on: March 01, 2014, 12:33:14 AM »
Sai Ram
I have been reading Shri Sai Master Smrutulu grandham relating experiences with Sai Master. The book is very well presented. it starts with those who are related closely to Master garu, then slowly narrates experiences of several other people.
Beautiful thing about it is that the people who were chosen are diverse that it gives us 360 degree view. But whoever recounts his or her experience we find few things that are common in all experiences. The more I think the more impossible Sai Master gari journey seems - I mean such a focussed determined person whose goal is well beingness, spiritual upliftment of everyone.
Couple of things master garu mentioned many times - that our history is distorted and we need to give correct history to our next generation and that he already started work for that. Did anyone took up that mission later?
Reading his works, I came to a situation that whatever Master garu says gets imprinted in mind. I feel that his words are  like theories of scientist. A sceintist produces a theory or paper after rigorous experiment, that makes us to accept it. Likewise I feel Master garu did all the exploration, research work to be done and gave us the fruit of it. It is upto us now. He saved us all from trouble of finding path.

Master Ekkirala Bharadwaja / Why can not I control
« on: February 18, 2014, 06:51:36 PM »
Jai Sai Ram
I keep losing my control upon even little provocation. Whatever I have read till now, listened till now just goes into air and I lose control. I feel ashamed as soon as those few minutes of anger passes. I feel ashamed of the level I degraded, shaking with anger, banging doors. Whatever I read about Master or Baba, Bhagavatam Ramayanam gita everything just disappears from my mind. Whatever Baba said about Runaanubandham, patience, saburi and Masters word about how to behave when someone hurts you, or speak something bad. Why can not I make myself stable.
I have this habit. Please tell me if I have psychological problem. My behavior changes from outsiders and with family members.
Whenever any outsider, it can be anyone. Any one but family. I CAN NEVER SPEAK HARSHLY OR STRONGLY with outsider. Even if I speak little bit harshly, it will haunt and disturb me for days. I will tell an  example. Our watchman once banged the door very loudly and with frustation that we did not keep dustbin outside. I opened the door and told him not to bang the door like that since it is almost midnight and elders and speaking. Though I did not raise my voice I spoke it strongly. But that  left me disturbed for days. Many thoughts ran 'He is doing very difficult job. I get frustrated with my work and likewise he was also frustrated. What happened to all that I read and listened.'
When it comes to any one expect my family members, I can not even raise my voice.
But when it comes to my family, any argument, any thing that they do makes me angry and I do not hesitate to shout at them. I bang the doors, my body shakes with anger, it becomes hot with emotion. It can be my sisters or wife or anyone inside family.
It lasts for few minutes at maximum but that leaves me disturbed for days or even  weeks. I feel that I accumulated more sin and whatever I do (reading, pooja etc..,) went in vain.
What should I do?
Should I stop reading all those sacred  books? as I am not able to change a bit
Should I just stop reading about Master? I feel like Ramadasi in Sai Charitra. I remember what Baba told him when he fought with Shama about book
In fact it was only yesterday i felt so immersed reading about Master in Naku Telisina Master. But what did I take away from it?
Master did not even move when people threatened to kill, when people abused. He took abuses and praises a like. Like sthita Prajnya
What have I done? In fact it was today I read in Gita a verse where Arjuna asks Krishna what are the qualities of sthita prajnya (read till that Shloka in parayana)
Are these readings doing any good to me? My wife called me this afternoon complaining about something and someone at home. I lost control over myself after sometime and yelled at her badly, very badly.
What am I doing?
Please advice. Is there no way I can control this from happening?I am not helping myself. Not sure if Baba can forgive me for this

Sai Ram

Master Ekkirala Bharadwaja / Atrology
« on: February 11, 2014, 02:11:45 PM »
Sai Ram
Master's way from what He writes had always been to 'mana karmanu batti vachche danni orchukuntu saduguruvu meeda vishwasam unchi manchi samskaaraalu aalvarachukuntuu undadam, parayana naama japam cheyadam uttamam'. I am not sure if I am right but I 'think' the real purpose of the astrology is to guide people showing them which path to take. For example, a person wants to venture into business investing all his money. But may be as per his 'Graha dasa' etc., business never suits him. So is it wrong if he seeks a help of astrologer to see if this is right time for him, if the time is favorable. If the 'real' astrologist is found and he suggests him wait for a while, or do never get greedy and get into business as it may never suit him, then he would be like saving him and his family right
I never advocate stopping our attempts and rely on it. But is it wrong to see if the time suits us before taking a bigger decision like, marriage, getting into business, buying car. Perhaps if there is some bigger danger is about befall the least astrology   could do is to warn him or her to be prepared.
So my question is what Master says about it and how correct it is to consult one. I am sure some of the married people here would definitely have looked for compatibility etc..,
My question is about normal people like me not about the people who achieved a level in their sadhana

Hearts Out / Why this happens
« on: February 02, 2014, 10:58:42 PM »
Sai Ram
I usually watch the preachings (pravachanalu) of scholors in Bhakti and other TVs. I have been seeing many well known orators and people who come in these channels do not mention Sai Baba name while they mention about Mahatmas, or avataras. Why is this so?
If we see Sai Baba life history we get more and more reasons to keep our faith in Him. If anything Sai Baba method makes us follow our Vedas and Sanathana Dharma.
Dwarakanath garu, Had Master Garu ever faced such issue in people showing resistence in accepting Sai Baba teaching? Did Master Garu faced any difficulties in this regard.
Sometimes I feel while listening to discourses that Sai Baba name gets exluced intentionally? Why is this so. Yet no one dares openly to challenge Sai Baba teachings because Baba had always been very transperant unlike some of the modern age sages. But I see people praising some of these modern age saints but not the real modern age saint Sai Baba. Why is this so?
When Baba path is so simple, promotes harmony what difficulty people have in accepting it
Sai Ram

Master Ekkirala Bharadwaja / regarding krutagnata mahotsavam
« on: January 09, 2014, 03:49:30 PM »
Sai Ram to all
There are couple of things I would like to mention.
Whenever we open we get heading like Krutagnata Mahotsavam
1.Is it possible to change it to kRtajnyata(కృతజ్ఞత - కృతఘ్నత)which is more correct and fits to the context
2. Also "...left in Krutagnata Mahotsavam" is colliding with the daily saying of Sai Master Thus making it difficult to read. I daily copy paste in to a note pad and read the quote

SaiRam to all devotees
I am living in KPHB Hyderabad. There is a Sai Baba temple near to my home. This being Thursday, there will be AnnaDaanam in the temple. The temple has a separate Hundi for rice and Dal. Generally people will put their offering of rice and Dal in the Hundi and the same will be taken for cooking for Thursday.
Today I wanted to give vegetables or rice for cooking and since there are no fresh vegetables at home I took rice and went to the temple where they are cooking. I asked the person who is supervising the process (the same person is కార్యనిర్వాహణాధికారి).
'Sir Can you please take this rice and...'
before I could even complete he said
'It is over for today. We can not accept for todays cooking. keep it in Hundi'
'Okay I will do so. But what time should I bring next week if I want it to be used on same day...'
I did not even complete half the sentence he cut me down saying
'Can not you understand if I say once. Why are you disturbing when people here are working. Can not you see. You have to understand once I say. Go and offer in Hundi'

I was taken aback. I thought of saying. 'You are doing this as Seva to sai. This is not the right way of speaking'. But his anger and expressions showed that he is not willing to listen. More over I can not handle verbal or any kind of arguments or fights. So I was sure that my intention will never be met and I would end up spoiling my day and mood. Though it hurt me initially. During the drive to office I was thinking about Baba saying ఎవరైతే దూషణలు సహిస్తారో వారు నాకు ప్రీతి  కలిగిస్తారు.మాటకు మాట తీయవద్దు. ఒకటి రెండు మంచి మాటలు చెప్పి అక్కడ నుంచి తొలగిపో. So I considered this as a test for me.

But I wanted to say few things. Should I say or not. These are my observations:

1. I have seen this కార్యనిర్వాహణాధికారి I have mentioned most of the times speaking very roughly with devotees.
2. While the servants are cooking food, this supervisor, in order to check if it is done or not, takes it into his hands and tastes it. Whenever I see that I feel little bad because it is supposed to be prasadam to be offered to Sai first. It is like we are doing ఎంగిలి by tasting it before Him
3. I have seen him discussing worldly matters such as politics etc.., I feel that only things to be discussed in the temple premises should only be భగవత్ విషయం or భాగవత విషయం. Temples should aid the devotees in achieving what Baba wants His devotees to achieve.
4. I am not sure if this is the right way  or not. I am not sure mentioning this may be sin or not. Inside the temple another కార్యనిర్వాహణాధికారి  (may be related to this person) along with other people do Bhajanas, Nama Japa on Thursdays and important occasions. He chooses the tune of film songs to do that. And I get a feeling that whenever a devotees like me, who has not conquered his mind and whose devotion is not complete, listens to them, he may connect to the film songs than the Nama Japa. Also I feel Nama Japa should be done with మంద్ర స్వర. Doing it with unusually high voice might create గాభరా in devotees and mind might not focused on Japa. But as we have read in Baba Chairta, Baba did not approved such thing as per the Charita ( రోహిలా కథ).

5. I also want to stress more on treating devotees properly. Like talking to them normally without అరవడం విసుక్కోవడం చిరాకుగా మాట్లాడడం. I have seen people who are like trustees of the temple do this.

Am I correct in feeling like this?
I generally prefer going to Sai temple and always think Shirdi Sai Temple (main temple) as role model among many other temples because it does not discriminate between devotees. It does not narrow down the devotees to rich and popular by fixing rate for everything like Suprabhaatam abhishekam etc.., (I am not trying to target any temple. Those temples might have some logistic limitations in allowing all the devotees)
Particularly Sai Baba temples should try  to spread His teachings of Patience Love equality and Shraddha. They should be used to clean devotees and recharge them.
I am thinking to put these points in a letter and hand it over to the temple authorities.

Will it be right thing to do? I just felt that though aim of the trustees of the temple is to spread devotion of Sai Baba, it is not going in right direction. May be they can do it better by showing more love, by conduction Sai Baba chairta parayana, making saatvika bhajana and nama japa, provide all devotees equal opportunity to do seva. Though they are trustees I think they should make people feel that
' it is our temple and let us all serve  baba'.

Sorry for such long mail. your opinion is too valuable for me. There are great Sai devotees and Sai Master followers in this group. I will go ahead with your suggestions. What ever I wrote above are mostly my interpretations from reading Sai Master's books. Please correct if there are misinterpretations.

Sai Ram

Hearts Out / Master Ek
« on: December 14, 2013, 01:48:54 PM »
I am looking for some more information on Master EK. Last week I had a chance to get some of his books and that was the first time I had a glance at his works. I have seen his explanation to Narayana Kavacham, Astrology. They were great.
I was curious as to how Master EB and Master EK chosen different paths. Both were rational, both explained the link between spiritual and normal life style. Can someone throw light on key life aspects of Master EK. (It seemed to me that he was a foller of Master CVV whom I was not aware of. I would appreciate if someone can point to His life history too)

Master Ekkirala Bharadwaja / Does master wear Yajnopaveetam
« on: January 17, 2013, 11:04:59 PM »
First of all, if the question is improper, please pardon me. If this offends anyone, I suggest to remove the message.
Master garu talks very highly of our sages and the culture they imparted to us. Upanayana is one of them. I understood from His books that he was also undergone upanayana. In the photos of master (may be I missed) I observed that he was not wearing it. Is there any particular reason for this. I am asking this question purely out of ignorance. Please do not mistake


Master Ekkirala Bharadwaja / What is written on Baba's Samadhi
« on: January 17, 2013, 10:44:48 PM »
If you carefully see, there are two stanzas inscribed on Shri Sai's samaadhi.
Does any one know what they are and whey were they carved


Master Ekkirala Bharadwaja / Vijnyaana veechikalu
« on: January 07, 2013, 09:10:07 PM »
I started reading master's Vijnyaana Veechikalu. I realized what a great source it is. I wonder if there is a plan to translate it into English and publish as thesis. It is very important that people of other languages know this. I doubt if anyone has ever researched to this extent. Importantly this will serve as a fitting reply to many people.

General Discussion / Sandhyavandanam
« on: November 05, 2012, 03:38:22 PM »
Sai Ram
I got this as forward - But it is excellent to read.

This is my next post in the series 'SandhyAvandanam'. I believe most of my posts on this series have been well received. Over the past year, I gave a few lectures in the functions convened by 'Tamilnadu Brahmin Association' (Thambhraas) on these topics and was happy to see a sea change in the approach of Brahmins towards Sandhyavandanam. The message that Sandhya routine is a rejuvenator, spiritual builder, a personality enhancer and a health invigorator seems to have gone well with my brAhmaNa brothers.

In my first coverage I did not write about Arghyam, a very important kriya in Sandhya Vandanam. Arghyam literally means 'offering'. Like Achamanam, mArjanam, and prAsanam, this is also a water based one. Water is taken in the right palm of the sAdhaka and (slightly) thrown skyward after chanting the gAyatri mantra.This offering is thrice per session. Smartha sandhyAvandanam has one extra arghyam for any errors in the offering time- the kAlAtheetha prAyaschitta arghya pradhAnam.

I have known through many readings that the sandhyAvandanam , though done by the brAhmaNa, is in fact for the welfare of the humanity at large. This kriya, Arghyam, is no different. The sAdhaka's chanting of the gAyatri while holding the water in the palm is a selfless kriya and aimed at the world. The agent to which it is given is Surya (sun).

I will try to give the traditional, philosophical as well as scientific background for Arghyam.

Traditional Understanding

Garuda purANa states that a kind of asuras called mandeha , who originally reside in an island called aruNa are trying to destroy Surya in the day at daybreak and sunset. The arghyam given at these times serves as a weapon to destroy them.Look at the following slokas (1-213-62)

"A Brahmachirin shall bathe only once a day. Having performed the rite of Achamanam,
and invoked the sacred pools therein, one shall take a bath in the river. Thirty
million is the number of the malignant spirits, called Mandehas, who manifest
a desire of devouring the sun at day break. He, who does not attend to his
Sandhya rite at the meetings of the day and night, verily kills the sun, inasmuch
as the libations of consecrated water (offered unto the sun-god in the course of
a SandhyA) tend to consume these monsters (Mandehas) like streams of liquid fire."

Philosophical Significance

The philosophical significance is in the symbolism. The Mandehas are nothing but the man- dehas or mind -
body which are clouding the sun of resplendent atman in us. The gayatri purifies us by this offering so that
the inner light can be perceived by us. Also, the sAdhaks , after the arghyam, say, 'asAvAdityo brahma,
brahmaiva ahamasmi" (the sun is verily the brahman. Brahman is myself). In the adhyAtmic sense, arghyam
is a reminder of the brahman in us and its honouring by the offer of mantra and water.

Scientific Significance

The scientific meaning is even more interesting. Only recently I chanced upon the work of Mr Masaru Emoto
of Japan who did some critical experiments with water.He took a glass of water and spoke 'thank you' to it.
He then freezed the water.

You make me sick
Tibetan Sutra






 Thank you                                                                           Before Prayer





When he magnified the crystallized water, he was amazed to see symmetric patterns.Curious, he then cursed

a glass of water with , " I hate you" and crystallized it.This time the magnified image of crystals were ugly

and random. He then used Tibetan Sutras and the resulting image was of a beautiful pattern.

It was here that I wondered at the wisdom of our Maharishis. All of our Sandhyavandanam is water based.

We either partake or offer water while uttering sacred mantrams. Imagine the effect of these mantrams on the

water ! During Arghyam, we chant the greatest of all mantrams- the Gayatri. Though Mr Emoto did not

experiment with Gayatri mantra, we can guess what will happen. The thought waves generated by the

Arghya Danam will  penetrate all the three worlds.


The same explanation will hold for our Achamanam , prokshanam, kalasa pooja, temple teertham etc.


I also would like to add a speculation here. Like water, all the pancha Bhootas must have memory. In our yagyas,

Agni is called 'havya vahana' since it carries the havis to the devas.Soon, our scientists will declare that air,

earth and space has memory !



I have heard that Rishis chant Gayatri ceaselessly. They do so for protecting the mankind and for preserving

the Surya (sun) from extinguishing ! In Dhanur Vidya (Archery and missile warfare), only  the variants of

Gayatri mantra were used for launching the sastras - right upto the most potent Brahmastra !


This is another great aspect of our Sandhya Vandanam. Arghyam is not a meaningless exercise  but a

profoundly meaningful, spiritual Kriya that is also physically purifying. Arghyam later was adapted into daily

upasana in Temples and homes. It is one of the 'sodasa' upachara (sixteen honours) to Paramatman.

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