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Dates and Events / Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharshi Jayanti
« on: December 30, 2015, 10:21:07 PM »
Jai Sai Master.

Sri Ramana Maharshi Jayanti  - Dec 30th 1879

Our salutations to the lotus feet of Sri Ramana Maharshi.

Few valuable sources of Sri Ramana Maharshi.

In Telugu:

Jai Sai Master.

General Discussion / Permaculture- Basic questions
« on: March 31, 2014, 07:43:34 AM »
Jai Sai Master.

That was a neat presentation indeed. Need to revisit couple more times.

Beginners like us will get many questions about Permaculture and this thread will be able to help us all.

Heard about Permaculture for the first time here itself may be a year back. Gained a bit of basic understanding from reading. This presentation gave a better clarity. The way it started was very methodical touching basic requirements for a plant with stress on importance of soil moved onto value of water. Bill Morrison's example of having ducks in the farm and making 200 liters of water into 300 liters topic explains the essence of Permaculture.

Looking forward to the same presentation in Telugu so that we can share with our brothers back in our villages.

Sincere thanks.

Jai Sai Master.

Dates and Events / Vijaya dashami Subhaakanshalu
« on: October 13, 2013, 06:35:02 PM »
Jai Sai Master.

Guru Bandhuvulandariki Vijaya Dashami Subhaakanshalu.

May Baba, Master garu bless us all with bhakti shraddhalu.

Baba, Master gari darshanamu:

Jai Sai Master.

Saimaster Books / Saibaba and His Teachings
« on: August 17, 2013, 07:57:43 PM »
Jai Sai Master.

Amma gariki namaskaramulu.

Dear Babu garu, Guru Bandhus,

Jai Sai Master.

Listening to Master gari speeches for the last few months has been giving more clarity to the questions that kept on arising every day in us. We feel much more satisfaction in the minds. It just happened I listened to one of Master gari speeches yesterday while travelling and came back home with a lot of happiness. Pallavi invited few of her friends for vratam and I had an opportunity to read Master gari "Saibaba and His Teachings" for some time. I read the first 11 pages and felt a unknown satisfaction. It felt like a good beginning as if I am given with an opportunity to sit in the presence of Master garu all of a sudden. I felt very sad, brought tears and felt emotional for not remembering Master gari words for a long time. I felt like lot of valuable time was lost not contemplating on this. But Master gari inspiring words which I heard the same day brought me back from my sadness to think about the living moments I am given with right now. It is giving such a refreshing thoughts I feel like starting my life all over again as a young student. This time I feel like I have Master garu just besides me every moment.

I would like to share what I learnt from Master gari speech and share my thoughts while reading these first 11 pages of most precious Master gari words from the Book "Saibaba and His Teachings".   

Please treat it as combined reading and share how you all felt when you read for the first time and right now. If your time permits please share, listen, stop, discuss and contemplate.

May Master garu guide us all.

|| Sainatha Jai Jai || Guru Bharadwaja Jai Jai ||

Jai Sai Master.

General Discussion / Shirdi Aratulu
« on: May 03, 2013, 06:26:59 AM »
Jai Sai Master.

Dear Guru Bandhus,

Felt happy to see Baba aratulu in Shirdi.

Meaning for Aratulu:

Jai Sai Master.

General Discussion / Ammagari sannidhi
« on: December 13, 2012, 06:13:37 AM »
Jai Sai Master.

Dear Guru Bandhus,

Today is 12-12-12 . Some significance.  :) Already near the end of another full year. How true it is to say time just flies making us older and older (should be wiser and wiser  :)). We see one quote in our community place "Days do not know what an year achieves". We understand it signifies the value of each day. When we sit quietly and think of the value of a day, thoughts vary during the week days, during the weekends and during the holidays. Positively speaking, we see some constant improvement on any given day especially end of the day. Sitting in front of Baba, Master garu, Amma garu quietly and offering prayers in silence. These are the moments that fills with satisfaction without any expectations. These are the special moments we feel Baba, Master gari, Amma gari presence. Teaching our son also about these silent moments. We are trying to do Paarayana for 10-15 minutes while encouraging our little son to see Ramayana Book pictures while maintaining silence. This follows just feeling the presence of Baba, Master garu, Amma garu. It is happening nicely we all started liking these moments of silence. Some times listening to raaga played on flute which calms down the mind and thinks about Master garu. This brings us to ask Babu garu did Master garu loved listening to flute or any other musical instruments in particular.

Felt like sharing some thoughts on 12-12-12 some significance  :)

Actually wanted to ask something else. We were going through the blog

Did any one attend? Will be glad to listen to any details.

Today is Teerthacharan's birthday and Ammagaru has put in much effort in the last few days to train the Gurukulam children in organizing a great treat for all adults @ Nagole. The programme announced was Sathghosti @ 10:00 am followed by Vinoda karyakram, followed by Prasadam.

Few years back, few Guru Bandhus used to share their experiences, thoughts with other Guru Bandhus here. Now a days, we dont see those inspirational ones. Feels like listening to the moments spent while in Datta kshetras  in the presence of Amma garu.

Jai Sai Master.

General Discussion / Udaya arati in Narsobawadi
« on: October 19, 2012, 06:02:21 AM »
Jai Sai Master.

Master garu in Narsobawadi.

Early morning at Narsobawadi. Felt happy to have watched this video.

Many Guru Bandhus would have travelled with Master garu, Amma garu to Narsobawadi. Babu garu, Guru Bandhus, please share about Master gari visit or Amma gari visit to Narsobawadi if you remember any of those blessed moments. We came to know from Magazine that very recently few years back also Amma garu visited Datta skhetras. We aspire to read about those blessed moments in the Magazine.

Jai Sai Master.

General Discussion / Retail market - FDI
« on: September 30, 2012, 05:08:45 PM »
Jai Sai Master.

We had a grocery store in our city owned by an Indian. He is from Punjab and used to tell us about Guru Nanak and we used to tell him about Baba, Master garu. One day he announced he is closing the stores. It was a disappointment to us as we have to travel 40 minutes to go to another stores. It takes 3 hours for buying groceries. He has explained another Indian grocery stores, a wholesale chain who does business on a bigger scale has lowered the prices. Naturally through word of mouth customers left this small stores. We felt sad with this as he is a man of ethics and maintains the stores in a very clean condition.  He has explained about the role of big in business.

Recently we heard about FDI in India's retail sector. We have been thinking what will happen to millions of small scale retailers. We have not studied the advantages of FDI on long run. Just happened to read this article in news paper to get an idea how other Asian countries dealt with this..

My teacher used to tell us about Gandhiji's support for the local community business. We have been thinking what would Gandhiji think about globalization effects. Found a small article here

Dear Guru Bandhus, have you thought about this? Please share your thoughts.

Jai Sai Master.

General Discussion / Bhajans-Keertanas-Abhangs
« on: September 29, 2012, 05:24:32 AM »
Jai Sai Master.

Feels very happy to listen to this song. It reminds us about our first visit to Shirdi after completing Paarayana of Sai Leelamrutam.

Swayam garu, Lalitha garu, you have requested earlier for a thread for bhajans in our Satsang. Would you like to share any thing here.

Jai Sai Master.

General Discussion / Sai sampradayam
« on: August 26, 2012, 09:24:46 PM »
Jai Sai Master.

Dear Guru Bandhus,

Every time we read this chapter, it breaks our illusions. This is where Baba appears as perfect Teacher.

How can we describe about this chapter? It amazes completely how this chapter would have evolved. The way Master garu explains about each of Baba's teaching is so beautiful like a beautiful garland prepared with Baba teachings as flowers.  Simple living examples with the help of fortunate devotees. All of this happened to teach us and all future generations.

This will be one of the important chapters we love to read to our son when he reaches the right age.

Jai Sai Master.

General Discussion / Remembering Swamy Vivekananda
« on: July 04, 2012, 05:18:02 PM »
Jai Sai Master.

Dear Guru Bandhus,

Today is the day Swamy Vivekananda left His physical body after leaving behind greatest inspiring Teachings to the mankind.

We can see few glimpses of Swamy here in a chronological order

We had confusion about Sri Ramakrishna's primary Teachings and Swamy Vivekananda's works. We have been reading 'Daivamto sahajevanam' and in that Book, closest fellow disciples questioned Swamy about this kind of questions. Swamy, are You continuing what Sri Ramakrishna left behind? Swamy explains in the most humble way about His thoughts. Got stunned to read Swamy's noble thoughts. Babu garu mentioned in other thread how Swamy's words sounds like different on various topics. It is difficult to understand completely if we look at Mahatmas words from our limited scope. When we as Guru Bandhus in Satsang discuss, each one of us throw some light on something we can not as individual. May the sacred thoughts flow from Mahatmas through every Guru Bandhu here.

May we all remember Swamy and let us share what has inspired most from Swamy's teachings. We will share the questions we had in the next few days.

Jai Sai Master.

Dates and Events / Remembering Anandamayi Amma
« on: April 29, 2012, 02:46:18 AM »
Jai Sai Master.

It is always a blessed experience to read about Anandamayi Amma and Her teachings from the Book 'Sri Anandamaayi Amma'.

Mother's birthday is on April 30th.


Loose translation of first two pages:

There was a village called 'Vidyakoot' in Tripura district in East Bengal. Bipin Bihari Bhattacharya and his wife Mokshada devi used to pray Vishnumoorti. As soon as they were blessed with their first daughter, he has taken his family to his Mother and left for 3 years to some place to take Sanyasa deeksha. Family's wellwishers brought him back when they observed Mokshadadevi's sadness. Afterwards also he used to participate in Bhajans, Keertanas while doing Paadayatras along with other devotees. The family lost their first daughter when he left the home.

One day his Mother went to famous Kaalikadevi Mandir in a city 'Kasabaa'. She wanted to pray Goddess to bless the family with a Boy. But to her surprise at the time of praying, she wished "Please bless a daughter to Bipin'.

They were living in a village 'Kevaraa' in poverty.Inpite of their poverty, they used to live in satisfaction while helping the guests to their best abilities without sending them with empty hands. While Mokshada devi was writing Bhajana Keertanas, Bipin bihari used to sing them beutifully.

They were blessed with their second daughter on April 30th, 1896. They named her 'Nirmaladevi'. Mokshadadevi used to get divine dreams when she was carrying the Baby and also even after her birth. In her dreams, Gods used to come to their kuteer(home) and they did Pooja to Gods. Days used to roll in a blissful happiness.

May the Master bless us all.

Jai Sai Master.

General Discussion / Winter care tips
« on: October 09, 2011, 05:32:45 PM »
Jai Sai Master.

Dear Guru Bandhus,

Winter is almost here. May we know any of the ideas and tips(not allopathic, preferably herbal) that you have come across as useful in practice that helps us and everyone to face the winter weather. What we noticed is usually our Paarayana takes a low during these months. Hope to find better means to face the cold weather.

We are sorry for starting a new thread at this time when we have few other threads to contemplate. Please take your time and we can discuss over the next few months. We thought about requesting for this question for the last two years but postponed it till now.

Jai Sai Master.

Dates and Events / Avadhuta Sri Chirala Swamy Aradhana
« on: September 03, 2011, 05:32:50 PM »
Jai Sai Master.

Avadhuta Sri Chirala Swami Aaradhana is on September 3rd.
స్వామిని ఒక్కసారి స్మరించుకుందాము.

May the Master bless us all.

Jai Sai Master.

Saimaster Books / Sri Sai Leelamrutam - Few questions
« on: June 30, 2011, 10:01:19 PM »
Jai Sai Master.

Dear Guru Bandhus,

We are doing Paarayana of 'Sri Sai Leelamrutam' and this time we have few questions from the chapter " Upadeshalu I ". Please share your thoughts.

On this page at the bottom,

1. What is the meaning of Marjalakishora Nyayamu, Markatakishora Nyayamu?
2. How are the above two described and included in Guruseva experience as told by Baba?
3. Are these restricted to Guru-Shishya?

On this page,

4. We understand from Master gari words "Gnanam anubhavamto kalugutundi gaani matalaku, voohalaku andadu" because we may not understand even after reading and listening to Paarayana Books. But we learn great lessons when we are put into tests and gain experience from practicing what we learn from Paarayana.

But the next sentence is not clear. Every time we read the below sentence, we got the doubt but could not ask anyone about the meaning.

Guruvu tana bodhayane saatwikamaina agnanamto shishuni agnanam toliginstadu. kanuka Guruvu vaacha bodinchedi gooda agnaname.

Please explain how Guru's verbal Teachings becomes Agnanamu. We read many good teachings from Sai Leelamrutam. How are all they become Satwikamaina agnanamu. Agnanamu is usually taken in a negative sense something which is not supposed to be practiced.  What is the meaning of Satwikamaina agnanamu?

Vaguely remember this question is discussed else where, could not find the right thread. Please guide us if you find any related threads or Master gari speeches.

Thanks all.

Jai Sai Master.

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