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Jai Sai Master.

Ravi Krishna garu,

We listen to this Master gari speech also for completeness of this discussion.

This speech has three portions specific to our Paarayana and the result of our efforts. Master garu completes the speech by telling a story of two Monks/Bikshuvulu (last 10 minutes). Monks may be better souls because of their dedication towards their Master's teachings but the story reminds us exactly about the story of Savitri , Pingala in Sri Guru Charitra and a House Wife, Vyadha in Swamy Vivekananda's Karma yoga.

Just before the story, Master garu explains about a baby sleeping in the lap of Mother and compares us in the same way.

ఈ సృస్టి యావత్తూ సాయినాధుని రూపం. ఇదంతా సాయినాధుని ఒడి. ఆయన ఒడిలో మనము నిద్ర పోతున్నాము.

What we understand from this speech is once we do Paarayana and understand about Mahatmas, what remains is dharamacharana with out getting disturbed by the result of our efforts(mana prayatnam).

Jai Sai Master.

Jai Sai Master.

సజాతీయ భావ పరంపర reminds us of Baba's intention of singing Arati's by all at the same time through out the Country.

Jai Sai Master.

Kids - The Future / Re: protection for girls???
« on: December 19, 2016, 05:37:04 AM »
Jai Sai Master.

Priya garu,
Last year we heard about CBSE encouraging with self defense  lessons for all girls in CBSE affiliated schools. Not sure whether they made it as mandatory. Hope this will be implemented in all the schools.

Jai Sai Master.

Jai Sai Master.

Ravi Krishna garu,

Master gari pravachanamula dwara mee prasnalaku samadhanamu dorukutundi.

I think of few more questions like why should God fulfill my wishes, what should be my duty towards myself and towards others, what should I do or think if my efforts towards my duty is not happening as I expected.   
We get answers to few of these questions from Swamy Vivekananda. At the end of the below chapter in Karma-Yoga, Swamy explains in the form of a small story which gives us better clarity towards our duty.

Jai Sai Master.

Jai Sai Master.

Ravi Krishna garu,

Mee prasnala dwara memu malli Master gari grandhalu chaduvukuntunnamu. Thank you again.

Please read Master gari introductory explanations here for your two questions about Puja and Dhyanam. Once we go through them, let us come back and discuss further.

You have asked.

ఇప్పుడు "నమ్మకానికి", "మూఢ నమ్మకానికి" తేడా చెప్పగలరు.

Nammakam, Prayatnam la mundu 'sariyaina' anna padam kalipite vaati artam maaripotundi kada. మూఢ నమ్మకం(blind belief) is a belief we have when we just believed it without knowing the truth behind it. Sudhakar garu gave the correct example.

మూఢనమ్మకము => కట్టెలబండి షిర్డీలోకి రాకుండా నిషేధించి నట్లు - భయము ఉంటుంది, సర్వానికి కర్త భగవంతుడు అన్నది మరుపుచేస్తుంది. 

Swachamaina nammakam ante Bhakta Kannappa bhakti veru. andulo bhayam kanapadadu. kaani alanti bhaktulu ee rojullo bahu arudu kada. manam ippudunna paristitula drustya maatladukuntunnamu kada.

Jai Sai Master.

Jai Sai Master.

SaiVarsha garu,

If we dont like someone coming and try to apply bottu, we can move away or refuse that. నిశ్చలంగా వుండవచ్చండి.   

We can remember Baba's words about expressing our intent. Though here it is meant for giving or not giving, we can express our intent(bhavamu) clearly if we dont like anything.

మన భావము గురించి మాస్టారు రెండు చక్కటి ఉదాహరణలు ఇచ్చారండి ఇక్కడ. మన నిత్య జీవితంలో ఎంతో ఉపయోగపడతాయి.

Jai Sai Master.

Jai Sai Master.

Kittulahri garu,

1. "ప్రయత్నం" అనే దాన్ని గురించి కొన్ని సందేహాలున్నాయి. ఉదాహరణకి బాబా "ఒక మంచి పొగరుమోతు గుర్రం ఉందనుకో. దాన్ని నాకు అప్పగిస్తే సరిపోతుంది కదా" అన్నారు కదా. దీన్ని నిత్య జీవితానికి అన్వయించుకుందాం. నాకు ఒక సమస్య ఉంది. దాన్ని బాబా కి వదిలేసి నేను నిశ్చింతగా ఉండచ్చా? మరి ఇంకా నా "ప్రయత్నం" అక్కరలేదా? నా "ప్రయత్నం" నేను చేస్తూ ఉంటే ఇంక నేను ఆయనకి వదిలేది ఏమి ఉంటుంది?

Master garu has explained about our prayatnam(efforts). This should help to your first question.

ఇక్కడే నాకు సందేహం ఉంది. నా "ప్రయత్నం" ఎక్కడ ఆగాలి? ఎక్కడ భగవంతుడు అందుకుంటాడు?

భగవంతుడు ఆదుకోవచ్చు. ఆదుకోకపోవచ్చు. మనము మాములుగా మన కోరికలు తీరెంత వరకు ప్రార్థిస్ఠాము కదా. కాని మాస్టారు గారు ఇక్కడ సరియైన అవగాహన గురించి ఇలా చెప్పారు.

Thanks to your questions. It gave us an opportunity to read Pravachanamulu after a long time. Please share your thoughts and doubts.

Jai Sai Master.

Dates and Events / Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharshi Jayanti
« on: December 30, 2015, 10:21:07 PM »
Jai Sai Master.

Sri Ramana Maharshi Jayanti  - Dec 30th 1879

Our salutations to the lotus feet of Sri Ramana Maharshi.

Few valuable sources of Sri Ramana Maharshi.

In Telugu:

Jai Sai Master.

General Discussion / Re: Few Questions
« on: November 11, 2015, 08:05:10 AM »
Jai Sai Master.

SaiVarsha garu,

Recently we went to Gangapur and could visit main temple and Sangamam. Master garu has given details about Gangapur in Dattavatara Mahatmyam. Reading the Book just before going there helps us. We went to Akkalkota first and later to Gangapur.

Below website has good details about places to visit at Gangapur.

We are also looking for good Homeopathy clinics who can suggest us reliable stores for my Mother's arthritis problems. We are thinking of contacting clinics from the below source.

Hope this helps you.

Jai Sai Master.

Saimaster Books / Re: Want clarification on a topic in SAI LEELAAMRUTHAM
« on: September 19, 2015, 06:52:28 AM »
Jai Sai Master.

Surya garu, Ramalakshmi garu,

Bagunnara. It has been long time since we all met here. Happy to see all of you.

Very recently we started listening to Master gari speeches . Very first speech is about 'Samasyala parishkaramu-Baba'. Just became one of the audience sitting in front of Master garu. Master garu was completely occupied with many tasks at the time of giving this speech but could attend this venue. When we listened to the speech, we thought this may have answer to your question.

As of now we find there are multiple topics Master garu covers in this speech. First, how and what to do when there is a wish. Second how the wish gets fulfilled. Third what happens when the wish is not fulfilled. And the guidance to have the right attitude in between starting of a wish, fulfilling of wish and later once the wish is fulfilled. It was wonderful to listen to Master garu explaining about the story of two Bouddha Bikshuvulu. Feels like listening to it again and again.

We are planning to listen to Master garu at least couple more times. Please try to listen and share whether you get answer to your question. Till Babu garu explains we can try to contemplate and see how we far we can go.

Here is the link to the speech:

Jai Sai Master.

Jai Sai Master.

Hari garu,

Yes. Sacred places have to be preserved.

Mahatmas appear very rarely on this earth. They come only with the sole purpose of helping us and to guide us. They being in human form leave after leaving behind Their teachings and the places They lived. 

మాస్టారు గారి ప్రతిరూపం పవిత్ర గ్రంధాలు. అలాగే మాస్టారు గారి సమాధి స్థలము మనకు, భవిష్యత్ తరాలవారికి అత్యంత విలువైనది. అలాగే తపోవనం ఎంతో పవిత్రమైన స్థలం. వాటిని కాపాడుకోవడం ఆయన పిల్లలమయిన మన అందరి బాధ్యత.   

We read few articles that happened in the history which gives guidance:

In the conclusion we can read how Swamy's students came and contributed to preserve the place.

Few of Swamy Vivekananda's visited buildings have become commercial places like banks now. But few are well preserved by His students.

May we all be guided in the right direction.

Jai Sai Master.

Dates and Events / Re: Something special!
« on: March 16, 2015, 03:12:09 AM »
Jai Sai Master.

Namaste Babu garu, Laya amma. Congratulations and wish you a very Happy married life.

Many many thanks Sai garu for giving this opportunity to watch and be a part of the marriage. Felt very happy to watch every minute of the marriage. Definitely would have danced along with others when there was music played on drums. Of course my son and we did it here while watching Teerta charan.  :) It is a very happy occasion. We could take Amma gari darshanam on this happy occasion. We could see Swamyji, Vedamma garu and Guru bandhus all at one place. It was heartening to see young Guru bandhus making jokes and hearty laughs. Though we could not attend in person there, we almost felt the same happiness. Happiness started when we received Saiabab magazine and thought about offering flowers to Master gari rarest marraige photo on the back side of the magazine this morning and fortunately we just could see Babu gari post, Sai gari post here.

Sincere thanks for giving us this opportunity. Best of the best wishes to Babu garu, Laya amma garu.

Jai Sai Master.

Master Ekkirala Bharadwaja / Re: Sai baba Magazine Information
« on: February 17, 2015, 08:23:28 AM »
Jai Sai Master.

Saikiran garu,

Message of The Masters Books team services for Master gari Books in USA or Canada. Here is the link:

Saibaba magazine is available for yearly subscription. Please provide your email id to Message of The Masters Books team for more details.

For India, you might know the link:

Sudhakar garu,

Not sure whether you have seen the Feb 2015 Magazine. Here is the link:

Jai Sai Master.

General Discussion / Re: Need an advice
« on: January 22, 2015, 05:55:42 AM »
Jai Sai Master.

Varsha garu,

Expectations in the classroom by comparing to other little boys becomes the benchmark in general both for Teachers and parents. But each child is different and takes little longer time to come to the uniform behavior.

Have you tried inviting your son's friends to home for play time? If there are any kids near your home who also goes to the same school by school bus will be ideal to invite to your home so that your son feels happy to see them and watch them inside the classroom.

Also Have you tried taking your son to nearest temple where there will be group plays for the kids. Reason we ask is we have tried these two with our son playing with other kids in a more friendlier environment . At home we act like teachers( not real sense ) and at temple there will be new kids but more friendlier atmosphere.

Another aspect we noticed is timings that start with Kindergarten. My son's school bus comes early in the morning which requires a discipline from our side to encourage our boy to sleep early. It took us couple of months to adjust to this routine. Please see whether your son is getting good night sleep.

Father plays biggest role in child's life. Father is the first true friend in this entire world.  :) Father can bring greatest happiness and braveness into Child's life. Every day there will be some precious time that can be devoted for Father and son to build that strong bond of sharing happiness while teaching the same what is expected in the classroom. Father can act multiple roles like Father as teacher, Son as teacher, Father as son's best friend, Son as Father's best friend, Father as driver a train and Son as driver of a train taking Father, the passenger to his office. Mother joins as a spectator appreciating both of them. Mother can act like Father too if Father becomes busy with office work. Parents can bring joy to the kid slowly even while teaching alphabets, rhymes, numbers. Hardest part is controlling our emotions while interacting with innocent little boy, controlling our anger, expectations while teaching. We used to remind each other about patience whenever one of us show symptoms of anger.

Hope to share few of our experiences with our son.

Jai Sai Master.

Master Ekkirala Bharadwaja / Re: Advice needed
« on: December 06, 2014, 07:27:11 PM »
Jai Sai Master.

Dileep garu,

I have four sisters and we also gone through similar experiences you have shared. One sister's mother-in-law lives with my elder sister but she also lives with her other sons. Another sister's in-laws and sisters live in an apartment in the same complex where  my sister's family lives to have their own privacy.

Daughter-in-law is a new addition to the family. 1.5 years is short time to come to any conclusion of living separately. Small space, more number of members living under the same roof with daughter-in-law working doesnt please everyone's expectations in the family. Elders have to teach younger ones to show more patience and more acceptance of the facts and other's mistakes with broad mindedness. Today's  daughter is tomorrow's daughter-in-law with similar experiences happening in other home. This is on one side of the coin. Other side daughter-in-law and son need to accept the fact that this family needs support both financially and morally till the sisters get married. If everyone maintains the harmony with patience and acceptance of each other's mistakes, living together has many advantages as we all know.

Personally we have printed and pasted Master gari words from the Paarayana Books((shared below) in our home where we can easily read and remember to reduce the anger and hard feelings in our minds. This has helped us to think for few more minutes.


"If anybody comes and abuses you or punishes you, do not quarrel with him. If you cannot endure it, speak a simple word or two, or else leave the place. But do not battle with him and give tit for a tat. I feel sick and disgusted when you quarrel with others ? Do not fight with any; nor scandalise any. When one talks ill of you, pass on unperturbed. His words cannot pierce your body. Others acts will affect them only and not you. It is only your acts that will affect them only and not you. It is only your acts that will affect you. If others hate us, let us take to nama japa and avoid them ? Do not bark at people; do not be pugnacious. Bear with other?s reproach ? This is the way to happiness. Let others and the world turn topsy-turvy, but do not mind that; keep on to your own straight course. The world maintains a wall ? between oneself and others. Destroy this wall. God is the supreme Lord."


"Never hurt the feelings of , or cause pain to, any human heart. "


"If you want peace of mind, do not find fault with others. Rather see your own faults. Learn to make the whole world your own. No one is a stranger my child: this whole world is your own!"

15-30 minutes of reading Master gari pravachanamulu especially first 5 or 6 chapters on every Thursday or Saturdat evening by requesting all to sit near the puja place should help everyone.

We also have shared Amma gari speeches with all our sisters. This also helped us a lot. Amma gari darshanam if living in Hyderabad will be beneficial.

In spite of all the best efforts if differences still remain, that needs to be discussed openly individually and in front of all without going into heated arguments or raising voice (which will end up leaving a permanent negative impressions in everyone's hearts)  and to be discussed the plans for contributing to the family's responsibilities financially and morally even while living separately. This will make everyone understand how it is not a good decision but taken only in the interests of maintaining harmony in the family. Every family will have someone who is wise and elderly. Taking his/her suggestions before taking any decision helps and he/she can discuss with parents and in-laws.

Jai Sai Master.

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