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Unanswered Questions
« on: March 27, 2007, 03:33:50 AM »
Hi, there are some questions that I couldn't find answer to ANYWHERE. I am tired of searching, so, I am here, please help me out.

1. What is more important, survival or nonviolence? If nonviolence is more imp., then why was there mahabharat? Meditation is the only true happiness, then why did the pandav cared about the raj, why didn't they just prayed god for the rest of their life?(If you are not Hindu, you won't get this)

2. Since everyone's actions are influenced by their surroundings and thier genetics, is there anything we can really do? Aren't we all just a reaction, do we actually have any freedom? Is meditation the only way to achieve it?

3. I believe god is infinity, god is the asymptote that a radical equation trying to reach. But, is there something beyond the asymptote? If god is infinity, is there something beyond infinity? They say perfectionism can never be achieved, is this true for god too? As in our tales, some people have become more powerful than god.

4. Women always have the worst deal, why? I am a guy but I feel sorry for them.


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Re: Unanswered Questions
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2016, 02:39:25 PM »
Jaya Ramakrishna !
Jai Sai Master !

1. What is more important, survival or nonviolence? If nonviolence is more imp., then why was there mahabharat? Meditation is the only true happiness, then why did the pandav cared about the raj, why didn't they just prayed god for the rest of their life?(If you are not Hindu, you won't get this)

Here are my 2 cents :  Ahimsa paramo dharmaha ! If you have that much titiksha, go for Ahimsa, otherwise leave that place. Himsa is never the solution. Mahabharat war was caused because of Duryodhana's sweet will and tantrums. Pandavas were kshatriyas born to do something great. They have come out of Daivi sampada or Sattva guna. They did not crave for the raj. They cared for establishment of Dharma and followed the advice of their Master, Bhagavan Sri Krishna. Praying for God is not the goal. Establishing in constant Union with Him (Yoga) is the goal. Do this by either selfless work or worship or meditation or establishing oneself in Knowledge and attain union with Him. So, they took the path of Karma Yoga. At the end of Bhagavad Gita, Bhagavan Sri Krishna said -- Sarva Dharman parityajya...meaning submit all dharmas unto me and then fight the war. Hearing this clarion call of Sri Krishna, Arjuna and the other Pandavas fought the war.
If the Pandavas abandon the war, they might have had the remorse feeling that they have not fulfilled their Kshaatra dharma in doing justice. They are the rightful inheritors and justful rulers of the kingdom of Indraprasta. They have duly fulfilled their Ajnaata vaasa. Now it is their duty to rightfully claim back their kingdom. When they came to claim, Duryodhana would not give anything to them. This is not right ! Even when Sri Krishna goes to them for asking 5 villages, one for each of the pandava, Duryodhana would not give. It is Kshaatra dharma to fight and protect the interests of people who are dependent on them-- not only humans but all the forces of dharma would go into depression if the righteous forces are not fed by righteous people through their righteous actions. If the righteous ones dont do their duty, then world goes into tamas owing to the absence of rajas. That is why people have to do their duty !

But amongst all the dharmas, the highest one is Ahimsa. But that should have taken place before the war from both the sides. Sri Krishna tried all the ways to prevent the war. But since they were in the war situation if Arjuna backs off, then the forces of Dharma would have faced defeat. That should not happen. Therefore, war was necessary to destroy the evil.

Simple answer: If they prayed to God for the rest of their lives, then the people who are righteous would feel thus -- The righteous ones have worn bangles in their hands. So they think that the actual way would be that of Duryodhana who is ruling the kingdom inspite of his evil propensities. Since this should not happen. The Avatar's duty would be to remind the righteous and the virtuous of their Dharma -- to do what is right and to disallow what is wrong. That is the only way to stop the tamasic forces from springing forth. What will happen if tamasic forces increase? Lord Shiva would have to come into action and destroy the Universe to save the creatures from further destruction. Therefore the All merciful Lord Vishnu should spring forth into action to preserve the Universe and restore the balance.
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Re: Unanswered Questions
« Reply #2 on: November 11, 2016, 11:16:54 PM »
Jai Sai Master!!

Dear SKhandelwal,

What is more important? Survival or NonViolence?

Survival, hands down. Mahabharat is not about survival or non violence. It was about duty. Thats another story. For that, from your question, it is obvious that you have not read Mahabharata at all. Please do that. That question has been answered many times from many dimensions in Mahabharata.

Regarding Meditation being true happiness, that is 100 percent true. But anyone who does not fulfill duties and runs away for meditation, does not achieve meditation, but gets distracted. For meditation to occur, one must fulfill one's duties, find a Guru, learn the path that is best suited for oneself, then practice, along with a righteous and appropriate living.

Pandavas did pray to God, and did do their meditation practice. They, along with Krishna Paramatma tried several times to avoid war. It became inevitable due to Duryodhana. Hence they had to go to war. Again, your question makes it clear that you have not studied or not even read Mahabharata and Bhagavatgita. In the second chapter of Gita itself, the Lord explains why to fight the war.

So, kindly study Mahabharata. Do not just read it like a novel, but study it, carefully thinking about it, several times (11 times or more is preferred). Then ask yourself the above question again. If you still did not find the answer, you can ask again.

Jai Sai Master!!