Author Topic: A brief answer to a Homeo-critic  (Read 1752 times)


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A brief answer to a Homeo-critic
« on: December 16, 2017, 12:49:08 AM »
Jai Sai Master, Babu garu!
Jai Sai Master, Sai Bandhus!

I felt I needed to post this here. Get my "Argumentative-blood" flowing again!  ;D ;D ;D The following is a short answer by a critic to a parent who wanted some Homeo-based solution for his child's ADHD.

Craig Good, The more I learn about confirmation bias the more I see it everywhere.
Updated Aug 31

No such “medicine” exists. Homeopathy is complete, utter, irredeemable bullshit. Don't even think of treating a child with it. For anything. Anybody trying to sell you on homeopathy is either an idiot or thinks that you are. Get them to an actual, medical doctor for actual medicine. Failure to do so is child abuse.

Here's my answer.

Ananth Babladi
Just now
Tunnel vision and Closed minds!
Tunnel vision and Closed minds!

I can say the same - “double-blind, placebo-controlled study” termed as bull-shit. This is a never-ending argument on both sides which I see as a waste of breath. Do you mean to say “Actual Medical doctor” working for billion-dollar drug companies advertising “talk to your doctor if you want to die in the next few years by suppressing the ADHD by taking RITALIN”?? Do you mean to say "Talk to your doctor about DRUGS but not about most media and technology making it difficult for a child to be himself/herself"? Do you mean to say "talk to your doctor about DRUGS but not about Yoga or Mindful Meditation"? Do you mean to say "talk to your doctor about REAL DRUGS which will get the kid hooked on for the rest of their lives and 'feel better' as long as they take the drugs"?

Have some vision sir! Step aside from the "scientific" bull-shittery that is happening right now in the very Corporations and institutions which are supposed to move the REAL SCIENCE forward but only move the money!! No amount of your lecture will ever convince me to go against olden medical systems like Ayurveda, Chinese Medicines, Homeopathy and such which I have been a recipient and also a observer of.

And finally, "Abuse"? Are you joking? The very fact that a child will be put on life-long drugs for ADHD is child abuse. Naah!! A Human abuse! I am all for integrative approach. I am all for surgery, life-saving drugs for a sudden trauma like accidents, heart attacks, severed limbs etc. But for chronic problems, I absolutely do not agree with you.

I know it's not good enough but somehow my blood boils when "borlinchina kundalu" talk about an olden system without doing any homework.

Regards to all,
Jai Sai Master!
Jai Swamy Sai!