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I have got a mail from known contacts. Here is the excerpt. Request to pass this info to relevant people you might know:


Introducing Prasad Gangavarapu marked on this mail.
He's also from Nellore District. They have a temple in their village.
He's looking for a full-time priest for their temple with good benefits, free housing etc.
Can you please post this request to the Nellore District Sai Devotees...
Also, Can you please post an ad in saimasterfoums..

Prasad gaari email id:

note: I do not know more details than posted. Please contact the person in the email.


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I have just called some one whom I know in Nellore and said some body wanted priest for baba temple..immediately without any thought, the reply came (he has long served in baba temple, though not as priest and his brother served as priest in many baba temples):

"Nobody will come as priests for baba temple. In case of rama temple, it will be opened for an hour in the morning and in the evening. Remaining time they can earn even if they go for a taddinamu as bhokta some 500 /-.

With baba temple they have to be there from morning 5AM to noon and then in the evening and then for all aaratis and then again for pallaki seva etc.., and at the end you are not supposed to take a rupee also from dakshina plate. Atmost these people pay 15000 /- after all this.."

..he had to cut the call and said he will call me again as he was probably driving..

I will get back when I get more details.

The reason why I have shared is the astonishment I got about the state of things, which I could not contain to myself and wanted to share..


My reflections:

Definitely the trustees should understand "devudu varamichchinaa puujaari varamiyyaDu" (meaning one should see God in puujaari first, as explained in a program in bhakti/svbc tv..)

If I remember right, in venkayya swami charitra also, tulasavva gives puts more money in the plate to priests when visiting temples.

Needless to say in leelamruthamu, we see baba himself gives 2 rupees more than 100 years back for getting a ladder. Master gaaru comments saying, we should give away with udaaratha for any service taken and that in the learned people "most of them" have to learn this principle.

The above is not for pujari alone but even applies to an auto driver (meaning they can be given more than what meter shows) or an IT filing consultant fee..

This is the basic premise behind communism..

Even for capitalism & free trade, I have read the premise is indirectly same: Those who can earn, generate more money which will be flowing to the needy as part of the services rendered...but they them selves agreed it has not been realized in practice.

Everybody is hard pressed due to competition and what was advertised or set by the environment is not the true fee in most cases and we require an independent evaluation and absolute judgment, not influenced by relative pricing (what others are paying for similar service) and action there upon.

Baba's words: "udaaramgaa pratiphalamivvaali" ( -leelaamruthamu)


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this is only from the trustees stand point. At a personal stand point I know how great a boon is to serve in the baba temple. In no way I mean to underestimate the chance to serve.