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Sai Mahasamadhi celebrations
« on: October 21, 2013, 11:38:34 PM »
Jai SaiMaster!
                     We are the satsang members of Sai Bhajana mandali, kakinada. From 13th of this month, we started Sai maha Samadhi celebrations, which end today. the main programmes are as below.
          On 13th morning palki seva and nagara sankeerthana
          On 14th morning sai satyavratham
          On 16th saamoohika Sai Leelamrutham parayana
          On 19th harikatha by nirmala bhaagavathaarini
          On 20th Avadhootha Sri Sitharam Baba gaari darshanam.
           In the evening, kolatam dance by turangi gurukulam students and a small skit was played by jagannadhapuram gurukulam students about laksha parayana yagnam which has the theme as below.

                     The main character of the skit is Narayana, who is Baba's devotee. He is a middle class man with a marriage aged daughter and a college going son. His wife becomes bed ridden due to ill health. He makes so many trials for his daughter's marriage but couldnt succeed since he couldnt give much dowry.
                   He frequently meets a false guru, who says that he goes to shirdi every day and meets Baba and speaks to Him about his devotees' problems.
                  Narayana goes to the false guru and asks him for the solution of his problems. The false guru asks him to bare for some more days. He asks Narayana to make arrangements for chandi homam for his daughter's marriage, sudarshana homam for his son's education and mrutyunjaya homam for his wife's health.
                    Narayana couldnt  afford for all these events and decides to suicide. He prays to Baba for the last time and about to buy a pesticide when a group of people go from his side singing the bhajan 'om sainatha jai, guru bharadwaja jai'. In that group, Narayan's colleague paramesham is also present and he takes Narayana with him for the satsung conducted by a devotee of Bharadwaja Master.
                           The devotee speaks about laksha parayana yagna. Narayana gets depressed that this person is also speaking about yagnas and homas. Then he asks the devotee that how much money is required for the yagna. Master's devotee explains him about the sankalpa of Divya Janani and gives him a copy of Sai Leelamrutham and asks him to do parayana for 11 times. He also gives ongole dwarakamayi oodhi to narayana and asks him to ware daily.
                     By the time Narayana starts parayana, his wife's health becomes even worse. he calls all his family members and sits by his wife's side and reads the book loudly.  His daughter becomes very happy by reading that book. She asks her father to do samoohika parayana every day while his son is not much pleased.
               After some days, when they complete 1st parayana, some strangers come to their home. They are a couple and they come to narayana's neighbours' home as they were their relatives. But since the door is locked, they come to Narayan's home. Narayana tells them that the neighbours went to tirupathi and it may take a week for their return.
            Narayana asks the couple to take rest  in their home for a while as the day is very hot. the couple see Narayana's daughter and get very pleased by her behaviour and they ask Narayana for his daughter's hand for their son who is a doctor in America.they tell him that they dont want dowry as they are already very rich. In this way, one of Narayana's problem gets cleared.

                 After a few days, Narayana's officer calls him and tells him that the office management has issued a PF of rs.2000/- per year to all senior employees. in this way, narayana gets rs.60,000/- for 30 years of service. He could join his son in college. in this way, his second problem is also cleared.
                               After some days, Narayana's false guru realises that narayana is not coming for his darshan and sends his devotee to take narayana  with him. narayana goes to him and the false guru boasts that all his problems are cleared only by him as he talked to Saibaba to solve them. he also says that Baba is unhappy since narayana stopped coming to his darshan.narayana acts as he believed his words and finally reveals all the devotees the original character of the false guru. he also tells the devotees to do charitra parayana and take part in laksh parayana yagnam.
                finally, the devotees of the false guru leave him.
                    After some days, narayana and his family members complete 11 parayanas. That day, narayana goes to office and his son goes to the college. 2 strangers come to narayana's home. They tell narayana's daughter that they were doctors and they were sent by narayana as his wife is ill. They are none other than Bharadwaja Master and the devotee who told narayana about laksha parayana yagnam and gave him the book Sai leelamrutham.
                 His daughter takes them to her mother. Bharadwaja Master gives her some medicine and asks her to take rest and tells her daughter that she will be recovered in few hours.
                     The girl asks them about the fee but Master tells her that he would take it from her father. She gives them coffee and bobbatlu and tells them that they were offered to Baba that day since they have completed 11 parayanas just before.
                             Master's devotee gives her a cover containing a saree, bangles haldi and kumkum and tells her that they were sent to her by Alivelu Mangamma gaaru for the girl's marriage. He says that Ammagaaru likes girls very much and sends these formalities to new brides and he asks her to take her Master's blessings. The girs takes Master's blessings and they went away.
                             In the evening, Narayana returns home and gets surprised to see his wife doing domestic activities. Narayana's daughter tells him about the doctors sent by his father and he gets even more surprised. He shows Master's photo in Sai leelamrutham book to his daughter and she remembers him and then they realise that Master came to their home in disguise of doctor. His daughter asks him about alivelu mangamma gaaru and narayana tells her that their family is happy due to the laksha paraya yagnam started by Mangamma Thalli. The skit ends as they sing
          Sri Sachidananda Sadguru  Sainatha Maharaj ki Jai
 Sri Sachidananda Sadguru Alivelu Mangamma sametha Bharadwaja Maharaj ki Jai !!!

      Due to power cut and hectic schedule, we couldnt post this earlier. But we seek blessings of Sai-Master-Manga thalli
                                                             Jai Sai Master!         


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Re: Sai Mahasamadhi celebrations
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Jai Sai Master!!
Self-Sincerity and the zeal to be better are the Most Important!